GSX 2019

So we attended the GSX show this year in Chicago to discover what is new (no to much), what is cool (Chicago is very cool) and catch up with colleagues scattered all over the world.

In the topic of what is new, for sure the industry is understanding the the mobile phone is the credential of the future. There are a few different models for implementing the mobile credential from annual subscription to one time fees. Lots of Bluetooth … some NFC . STiD, a company from France, had some cool innovation.

There seemed to be less overall hype about analytics this year and a bit more realism … likely due to folks like me who bought into the hype hook line and sinker in the past and were very let down. I would still love to see Boolean “and” to the rules engine in order to reduce false alarms.

The floor seemed a bit quieter this year … maybe just a perception. Some amazing networking done and some amazing music heard in the bars!