About Us

Thanks for having a look. We are here to challenge the status quo. NOT a boxed solution to age old problems. Most of our work is in security and the challenge is that security touches virtually every person, place or thing.

Security is not a problem …. the problem is your stuff is getting stolen, your brand is suffering or you are worried someone will get hurt.

More security may not be the solution. Spending thousands on security to save hundreds does not make sense. Of course the emotional cost and cost to brand must be factored in.

Occasionally the opportunity arises where security not only reduces a problem but also enhances business value in other areas. Our passion is finding and developing these technologies.

Our experience comes from Policing, Research and Development, Private Security including Investigations, Systems Integration and Debugging. Open Source Intelligence is the future and all our solutions are Intelligence Led.

We are based in the Vancouver area but love to travel. We have extensive experience in every corner of our beloved British Columbia and we have worked in most provinces across the country.