Peacocks or Turtles

So I submit that pretty much everyone on the web is either trying get as much exposure as possible …. or as little exposure as possible.

I spent the bulk of my career in the quieter side of police work where if I never had a twitter follow or facebook friend I was happy. Sadly I am old enough to have lived in the age where an unlisted phone number would make me virtually undetectable. I was a turtle … head down and undetected.

So entering private industry, I soon became a Peacock. Peacocks are  wanting to look bigger than they are. I find myself in this camp often when describing my company as “we do this and we do that”. Truth is there is very little “we” and a lot of “me”.

Feeling guilty, I started to look around at my peers …. turns out we are mostly all Peacocks!  I am not convinced this is great for anyone. Potential customers are wise to do a bit of digging … is that downtown address a postal box. Are those dudes on the “team” page still around ? And the Peacocks should be careful in taking on more than they can chew. There is no value for anyone in taking on a job that cannot be completed in the required deadline and budget.

So you will see a lot of “we” on my site (our site haha). Frankly I think it sounds nicer than “me” so I will leave it as such. Truth is these days it is a lot easier to be a peacock than a turtle 😉